Jer 49:34-35             The Word of Jehovah that came to Jeremiah the prophet                                          against Elam in the beginning of the reign of Zedekiah                                              king of Judah, saying, (49:35)  So says Jehovah of Hosts:                                          Behold, I will break the bow of Elam, the chief of their                                                might.

Elam is situated in south western Iran close to the border with Iraq. This Prophecy foretells of Iran being broken, and described as “the chief of their might”.

To the west and its peoples Iran has become the symbol of all that is bad relating to Islam? This result can be attributed to Iranian refusal to bow to world pressure, conform to western and democratic principles, statements by their political and religious leaders as well as links to known terror groups such as Hezbollah, but mainly due to a very effective campaign of propaganda against Iran initiated and maintained by the west. Seen in this light Iran is the symbol (chief) of Islamic might (threat).

Iran is unmistakably the target and the reasons for it being singled out from the rest of the Muslim world make up top newspaper stories almost every day, if not every single day. If you repeatedly tell somebody that somebody else is bad and then throw in some half truths and blatant lies to prove it, they will probably consider sharing your persuasion.

Fact is the poor people of Iran are the scapegoat for the Satanic Establishment’s preparations to annihilate Islam. It’s not about Iran it’s about Islam. Actually it’s not even about Islam it is about a strike so big and so inconceivable that it will totally overwhelm the world into shocked passivity! Ultimately it’s about Satan preparing to attempt to unseat God.

 Jer 49:36                    And I will bring the four winds from the four quarters of                                          heaven on Elam, and will scatter them toward all these                                            winds. And there shall be no nation where the outcasts of                                       Elam shall not come. (49:37) For I will cause Elam to be                                           afraid before their enemies and before those who seek                                               their life. And I will bring evil on them, even My                                                             fierce anger, says Jehovah. And I will send the sword after                                       them  until I have destroyed them;

This attack will clearly not be limited to an Israeli strike because God says He will bring the four winds, that is swift turbulent forces that cross the earth, and that He will scatter them in all directions.

The Iranians would deny being afraid, but in all honesty, sanctions have had their affect and the possibility of nuclear talks has certainly not arisen because they are comfortable. The Iranians are even threatened by their Muslim brothers within the Sunni branch of Islam.

Unfortunately all their efforts will come to naught. I believe that negotiations will relieve tensions for the interim, solely because Satan has some other pressing business to attend to before he can focus on Elam and direct personal world domination through the Antichrist. After having dealt with the problem in Israel, more specifically Zionism, his focus will return to Iran.

Jer 49:38-39             and I will set My throne in Elam, and will destroy the                                                king and the rulers from there, says Jehovah. (49:39)  But                                        it shall be in the latter days, I will bring again the exile of                                        Elam, says Jehovah.

Verse 38 is extremely interesting and invaluable in understanding this Prophecy and how it relates to other Prophecies on the Middle East and Islam.

God’s throne, according to all Scripture, is in Zion that is Israel. Reference to Him setting His throne in Elam immediately suggests that Iran is central to the fulfillment of this Prophecy and that it is to be distinguished from the preceding Prophecies relating to Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and other countries in the Middle East.

From the Old Testament we learn that in meting out judgment against ancient Israel God often used nations like the Assyrians, the Medes and the Persians. This is what is meant by Him setting His throne in Elam. God will not personally come down to Elam to judge kings and rulers, but through Elam he will bring judgment by proxy, as it were.

The Antichrist will annihilate Islam in an as yet unseen conquest, which will stun the world. In this way the wrongs of Islam against their own people, Israel and the world will be addressed, but also, the world leaders who roughshod the people of the world under the auspices of democracy and peace will be brought into subjection.

But there is good news for the Iranians. When the Antichrist is conquered by Jesus Christ, their exile will come to an end and they will be restored.

The role of the Antichrist

The whole of Jeremiah Chapter 49 refers to God’s plan in the Middle East. This Chapter is however silent as to some countries in that area such as Turkey and Egypt. (Please see the Pages relating to these specific countries)

Consequently we assume that at this time Egypt would already have reached such a state of deterioration that it will not require forceful conversion to or inclusion in the Antichrist’s Satanic Empire.

But how will this all happen?

I believe that Daniel Chapter 8 holds the answer.

Dan 8:2-3                    And in a vision I looked. And it happened when I looked,                                           I was at Shushan the palace, which is in the province of                                           Elam. And in a vision I looked, and I was by the Ulai                                                   Canal. (8:3)  Then I lifted up my eyes, and looked. And                                               behold, a ram with two horns stood before the canal                                                   having two horns, and the two horns were high,                                                             but one was higher than the other, and the higher came                                             up last.

Take note that Daniel was in Elam at the city of Susa and the Ulai Canal. This location is very close to Iran’s western border with Iraq and Kuwait. Daniel saw a ram with two horns, one higher than the other. The two horns represent the two main branches of Islam, Shi’ite and Sunni. Sunni Islam countries are supported by the west and countries like Saudi Arabia and Jordan are currently allied with the west, especially relating to Syria. The Sunni branch is the larger and this verse shows that it will become a horn (a sharp object capable of causing pain and injury) together with the Shi’ite branch. But Iran which has been kept back over decades, through international interventions in the Middle East, will rise above the other Muslim nations to rebuild what western attempts at hegemony have literally destroyed.

Dan 8:4                          I saw the ram pushing westward and northward and                                                 southward; so that no beasts could stand before him,                                                 nor any that could deliver out of his hand. But he did                                                 according to his will, and became great.

The influence of Islam has spread greatly and is still spreading especially westward, northward and southward. One merely has to watch the news for some report of Muslim dissatisfaction or protest in some European country which was previously predominantly Christian, or at least, free from Muslim influence.

 Dan 8:5                         And as I was watching, behold, a he-goat came from the                                         west, over the face of the all earth, and did not touch the                                           ground. And the he goat had an outstanding horn                                                         between his eyes. (8:6)  And he came to the ram that had                                           two horns, which I had seen standing before the river,                                               and ran to him in the fury of his power. (8:7)  And                                                         I saw him come close beside the ram, and he was moved                                           with anger against him, and struck the ram and                                                           shattered his two horns. And there was no power in the                                             ram to stand before him. But he threw him down to the                                             ground and stamped on him. And none could deliver the                                           ram out of his hand.

(Fulfillment of this Prophecy is often ascribed to Alexander the Great. Before dismissing it and this commentary as inapplicable, please to read the notes on interpreting Prophecy on the introductory page relating to the Seven Churches in the Blogroll/link “End Times Prophecy”. The link is contained to the right of this article. The ending of Daniel 8 clearly describes the Antichrist which shows it applicable to the future [hope to post this page within the week])

The “he-goat came from the west, over the face of all the earth,” clearly shows that the aggressor comes from the west and comprises power not restricted to a single nation or territory but widespread or world power.

This he-goat storms the ram, clearly exhibiting his aggression and power, but he does not summarily attack, he comes “close beside the ram”, which could very well signify an initial threat in a show of power, followed by some cessation of hostility due to some accord.

The west has been quite outspoken about their tactic of showing force in order to obtain co-operation and a subsequent “diplomatic” solution. I am not a linguist, but I think the word describing such a tactic is “coercion”? In any case, Syria has agreed to hand over its weapons of mass destruction as a result of this tactic and Iran is seeking a diplomatic solution with the west relating to its contentious nuclear program.

But the Prophecy continues in that the he-goat was “moved with anger” against the ram. Now we don’t know if the ram actually did something to move the he-goat to anger. Whether he did or not is essentially irrelevant because contemporary history has shown us just how easily the he-goat can be moved to anger by his own imagination!

Fact is he is angered and not only does he break both the ram’s horns, but after doing that he tramples him under foot. The remaining Muslims all over the world can be assured that the Antichrist will not be satisfied in having broken their power (horns) but will insist on blotting out the very last memory if Islam.

Dan 8:8                          Then the he-goat became very great. And when he was                                               strong, the great horn was broken. And in its place came                                           up four outstanding ones towards the four winds of the                                             heavens.

On gaining this momentous and historical victory, being at the peak of his strength, the he-goat’s horn is broken and four outstanding horns replace it. Remember the four winds foretold in Jeremiah 49? Now, we would really like to know who those four horns represent, wouldn’t we? Well, who just can’t wait to attack Syria and Iran, regardless of (a) reason? Britain, France, the United States of America and last but definitely not least, Israel.

Dan 8:9-12                   And out of one of them came forth a little horn, which                                                became very great, toward the south and toward the                                                  east and toward the bountiful land. (8:10)  And it                                                          became great, even to the host of heaven. And it made                                                fall some of the host and of the stars to the ground, and                                             trampled them. (8:11)  Yea, he magnified himself, even to                                         the ruler of the host, and the daily sacrifice was taken                                               away by him, and the place of his sanctuary was cast                                               down. (8:12) And an army was given to him against the                                             daily sacrifice because of transgression, and it cast the                                             truth to the ground. And it worked and succeeded.

After this allied attack on Islam the Antichrist will arise or emerge out of one of these nations. He is from the west and will have the west in his proverbial pocket, but he will rule Egypt and at least the African continent bordering the Mediterranean Sea as well as the Muslim territories east of Israel, which he has devastated, including Israel.

Verse 12 says the Antichrist will cast truth to the ground. If we objectively look at conclusions drawn by contemporary politicians from inconclusive and circumstantial evidence, we can hardly imagine the value of truth deteriorating any further but the Bible says it will.

What pains me most is to see and hear preachers of the Gospel, even scholars and commentators on Prophecy, chiding the Antichrist to attack Iran! It will happen when it is predestined, but cheering for the Antichrist seems pretty much like being in the same camp with him? Are contemporary “Christians” in the west ultimately and inadvertently serving Satan?

I honestly believe that many of these preachers, scholars and/or commentators are NOT priests of the Antichrist, but devoted Believers who have just been caught up in the immaculate and massive web of deception that Satan has spun meticulously over millenia. I base this conclusion on the following:

These deceivers are quick to point out:

– the close ties between Syria, Iran and Russia;

– then to identify Russia as Gog Magog referred to in Ezekiel 38; and

– immediately thereafter refer to the war between the Messiah and Gog Magog.

I sincerely believe that they have fallen prey to the suspicious mindset or stereotype towards Russia which is the result of the so called “Cold War”. But they also appear, possibly by way of consequence, blinded to other Prophecies, which clearly show what is happening and soon to happen. A third contributing possibility is that they are focusing so hard on Israel that they fail to see the trees for the woods. The Israel which they imagine is not the Israel which actually is. The Israelis are not Israelites but imposters.

Given any incorrect assumption, central to the events, they are obliged to make an incorrect interpretation and not necessarily trying to deceive. It is the source and protector of these incorrect assumptions who is the Deceiver, Liar and Murderer. Zionism and Christian Zionism are obviously contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ and the essence of God (Love) and their preachers, proponents and supporters are clearly agents of Satan sent to deceive the gullible. The war with Gog Magog described in Ezekiel is clearly put in perspective in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 20: it only occurs after the Messiah’s Millennial Reign.

In this round, believe it or not, “Cold War” survivors, the Russians are actually the “good” guys, which is probably why Mr Vladimir Putin seems to be talking more sense and acting more constructively and rationally than all the western diplomats and leaders combined!  

Thus any commentator, scholar, interpreter or preacher wanting to make Gog Magog applicable to the current contemporary scenario unfolding before our eyes, is obviously missing the point and looking in the wrong direction and will definitely miss the proverbial boat.

Nevertheless we should pray incessantly for all the people of Iran as they have a very, very trying time ahead of them before the Tribulation even begins!

[I realize the above must have aroused interest relating to the Antichrist and that you wish to know more. There is more, but that will appear in the applicable section of the End Times Prophecy blog, when God provides me with the opportunity to complete and post it. For some reason I have experienced an urgency to complete and publish this page before anything else – Keep looking and may God bless you!]





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